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After 5 years of operation we were forced to close the Dallas brick & morter storefront due to the economy and have relocated to a new base of operation to continue our 12 year legacy of vending at Irish/Celtic/Scottish festivals across the US.
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We currently attend 40+/- Irish/Scottish/Celtic festivals throughout the US. We also represent several Celtic product lines at the 2 U.S. based Celtic trade shows.

Our new phone is 214-819-5332.
Our new fax number is the same.

I travel constantly, so to contact Rick Sainz on the road, please call:
214-616-2426 mobile

NOTE: Many links have been disabled as we no longer sell those items.
We are in the process of updating this webpage to reflect all of these changes.

Trade inquiries are available (Storefronts only please).

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Rick Sainz
The Celtic Store


PS: On another note, what is missing here?

Of course, it is the Celtic Nation of Asturias
Officially recognized by both historians, the Festival InterCeltique in Brittany, and the Celtic World International Festival of Ortigueira in Galicia, (Both festivals are strong, month long events celebrating the traditional Celtic music of the world), the Autonomous Province of Asturias in N. Spain is truly a Celtic Nation, irregardless of what the myth of 'Only 7 Nations' claims. I am here to contest what anyone says about '7 Nations'. This includes the US bagpipe rock band which has perpetuated the myth. If you want to take the word of a band, then I offer the website of the traditional Celtic pipe band, Brenga Astur from the village of Villavisciosa, Asturias.

Often confused or grouped together with the Celtic region of Galicia, the Celtic tribe that settled in Asturias has a different romance based languge, is in the Picos de Europa mountain range which is divided from Galicia by the Ribadeo river, and sports its own brand of Celtic music and culture.

Historically, while it was the better known Celtic King Halstead that surrendered to the Romans, it was the lesser known Asturian Celtic King Pelayo in 750ad that organized the Northern Spanish Celtic tribes and repelled the Moors from the Picos de Europa mountain range and protected the Galician tribe from further assault. This Celtic coalition evolved in time to begin the drive to expell the Moors from the Iberian peninsula.

Thus, Asturias was the only Celtic region actively participating in the 'Rennaisance period'. During this period the other Celtic regions were under constant attack and oppression by the dominant cultures of the era in the British Isles, which leads to another myth perpetuated by many US rennaisance festivals.

Asturian flag with the Cruz de la Victoria

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